Saturday, October 22, 2011

Photo of the day - Confused Minds

I shot this picture in Delhi near India Gate in Aug 2011 during the revolutionary Anna Movement. The whole country said in unison, "Anna tum aage chalo, hum tumhare saath hai" - "No more corruption" - There were people gathering in numbers in every city and interestingly there were parents bringing kids to the street with a display board in their hands "I am supporting crusade against corruption".

While all the other people were  shouting these slogans one kid appeared so confused. His intriguing expressions caught my attention. Do you really need to bring the kids on road for such a cause? What impact will it have on the kids? At the age of around 10-12 years or below, do they even understand what corruption is and its impact on the country? Should the parents just teach their children moral and ethical values along with good education and don't bother them with such a torture?