Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Photo of the day - Happy Woman's Day

A Lady at Choki Dhani, entertains the visitors with the Rajasthani folk dance

You keep dancing to the tunes of life throughout; seldom selfish; more of giving; a reason for the existence of emotions like love, care and affection; the one who takes up different roles during the course of life and does justice to all of them; you have been a great strength as a mother, a guide for life as a teacher, a reliable companion as friend, a beautiful world as a lifetime partner and so on and so forth. The world is certainly blessed, with you around.

Happy Woman's Day!


  1. Nice pic.. Loved the lines.. :)

  2. Good one le .. where was this taken?

  3. Thanks Prathima and Chinmay.

    This picture was taken in Jaipur, during my north India trip in 2009.