Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Photo of the day - none


Yup, that's the state right now; the work has been getting into my nerves as the heat in Bangalore is increasing; also past few days have been a total disconnect from the internet as few of the websites are not opening in office network like gmail, FB, blogger etc. Probably that's the reason why work seems to have increased a lot ;-)

Meanwhile, terribly disappointed hearing things getting worse in Japan; it just reminded me of 2012 movie. After I watched the movie I laughed out loud; cracked 100s of jokes; how the hell can such scenes be imagined. But looking at what happened in Japan, nothing seems to be unimaginable. We certainly cannot fight nature; do whatever you want; take whatever precautions necessary; when the nature feels disturbed it will disturb the people who are the cause for it. We should be well aware of that.

Hope things go well in Japan soon and may all those souls who were the victims such a devastation rest in peace. May God be merciful!

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  1. My thoughts and wishes also with the Japan victims...