Friday, March 4, 2011

Photo of the day - A Traveler

Another inspiring traveler at Botanical Garden in Copenhagen, seems to be exploring the map of the city


  1. Nice one !!
    i feel you should make the copywrite text size bit smaller n lighter in color :)

  2. Lovely pic. No comments on copyright, as you know it already.

  3. Thanks guys. I have been a little skeptical about leaving the pics without copyright or with lesser visibility of it on my image. Because recently someone stole my image and published on their website which is commercial. No permission taken, no credits given, nothing. hence..

  4. :) yeah that is one thing , its not safe to leave the pictures without copyrighting,i compltly agree to it...but its ws just my observation n feeling ...may be text size bit smaller as it takes the attention from the original pic :) :)